We are an independent multi-family office comprised of forward-thinking advisors, dedicated to providing expert guidance and strategic insight to protect and preserve our clients’ wealth. Our sole focus is providing UHNW individuals, families, organisations and trusts across the globe with tailored wealth management solutions that align wholly with their financial pursuits.

Our Approach

Our results-driven methodology was designed with the core objective of understanding our clients’ needs in order to connect them with dynamic strategies for long-term value creation.


Building a foundation of trust between advisor and client, while gaining a thorough understanding of the client’s overall vision, requirements and parameters in order to offer them the most opportune products and services.


Shaping our approaches based on each client’s personal aspirations, financial pursuits and specific complexities they need resolved. Cultivating a shared understanding of what ‘financial legacy’ means to them.


Employing an integrated approach across all wealth management services, while maintaining open communication with our clients at all times to generate optimal results.


Administering consistent management and diligent evaluation of each individual policy to ensure that performance aligns with expectations.

Who We Serve

Our clients are affluent entrepreneurs, families, organisations and trusts in search of the right solutions. That’s where we come in – Ubica Capital facilitates effective wealth planning for the benefit of our dynamic clientele, enacting potent solutions on a case-by-case basis to provide a truly unique family office experience.

Our Unique Value

Why Choose Ubica Capital?

We believe that a powerful foundation of shared values is the ultimate driver of ensuring our clients’ continued financial security. The following principles are infused in everything we do, setting Ubica Capital apart from traditional wealth management companies and enabling us to earn the continued trust of all those with whom we work.

Our clients’ best interests dictate the direction of our strategies at all times, every time. As an independent wealth management agency, we leverage our independence and flexibility to provide an all-inclusive assemblage of tailored products and services.

Our ethos is that meaningful results stem from collaboration. At Ubica Capital, we understand that in every productive partnership, there is one common variable – mutual trust. Our advisors are firmly committed to earning this continuous sense of confidence within each client relationship, fostering rewarding alliances that generate enduring prosperity.

We believe in implementing absolute transparency across all service offerings. Our clients know that our firm-wide dedication to discretion means they can rely on us for the highest level of clarity, confidentiality and comprehensive explanations of the strategies behind our customised approaches.

Career Opportunities

If you are interested in becoming a part of our dynamic team of advisors, please submit an enquiry and your CV using the information below and a representative will reach out shortly.